Let Me Tell You About Costa Rica…Finally

Ok, I have finally finished got tired of posting the pictures from my Costa Rica Trip so I am crying uncle and just calling it quits. So here is a quick synopsis of the trip:

We went to the La Selva Biological Reserve, did the zip lines and aerial tram in Braulio Carrillo park, went to the Cloud Forest of Monteverde where we saw the elusive Resplendent Queztal, and visited Manuel Antonio where we saw monkeys, got facials, and relaxed on the warm beach. This trip also had it’s share of adventures that make all my international trips memorable.

Since I also know how envy inducing boring long vacation pictures can be, especially since my Costa Rica Flickr collection for this trip is over 200 picture, here are a few of the highlights:





But no blog post would be complete without some knitting related news and this one is no exception. Since the trip consisted of 5 hour plane rides, 3-4 hour car rides, and sheer exhaustion in the hotel at night, lots of knitting occurred. My project of choice, Fluttery Sleeve Top from Kate Gilbert (ravelry link here) was perfect. I finished the floral edging before the trip and proceeded to chug away at the miles of stockinette during the trip. Since I am well versed at knitting without looking, I could watch the scenery, converse, and almost fall asleep relax while knitting it. I knit the majority of the back on the trip and finished it off when I returned home.


Now that I am home though, the thought of stockinette monotony is not conducive to knitting so the rest will be slow going. Instead I am distracting myself with some quilting. More on that to come…


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