Lucky Me. Just in Time for my Bday!


Look what came in the mail a few days ago…my Elijah Story prize!! What a great package! Ysolda became busy between then and now, but it worked out perfectly because it was like getting a birthday present 😀 She did a wonderful job putting it together. I was so excited I started opening it as I drove to my knit group meetup. I love the Elijah touches such as the Elijah stitch marker and the wonderfully thoughtful Elijah Thank you card. She even wrapped the whole thing in knitting ribbon. I am also enjoying the candies she sent as I write this.
Not shown are the two patterns she sent. I am now the proud owner of my coveted Gretel AND Verity patterns. I couldn’t decide which I wanted to make and now I don’t have to. Yippeee.

So thanks Elijah, Thank Ysolda, Thank you my fellow Americans blog readers. I couldn’t have received this prize without you.

:mrgreen: Mwah :mrgreen: !!

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