Finished Object – Central Park Hoodie

I am back!! Did you miss me? Oh wait, you didn’t know I was gone! Guess that happens when you are (1) rushing to leave for a vacation right after returning from one (2) without internet access nearly the entire trip, and (3) far too exhausted to do anything about the first two. Nevertheless, I went on a wonderful Costa Rican getaway with my best friend Jill (also known as Hill, Jilly, Chili, Yili, and Katie during our trip) for my 31st birthday celebration! Do you miss me know or just hate me πŸ™‚ ? Anyhoo, since downloading and organizing 500+ photos is much more time consuming, I give you the presentation of the Central Park Hoodie!


With super popular knits like this, I would normally think that everything about it has been said ad nauseum, however CPH for me was definitely a choose your own misadventure knit so I will give you a little bit “Peacock Chic’s Field Guide to the Central Park Hoodie”. Readers BEWARE!!

Yarn: Elann Highlant Peruvan Wool – Oxford Grey Heather
Inspiration: Knitscene Cental Park Hoodie
Size 6 and 7 for the back and then just 7 because I forgot
Yardage: 11 balls
Modifications: Too many
Enjoyment Factor:
Knit Time: 21 days – I think this is an all time record!




The Good

  • Holy Cow!! I finished this sweater in 21 days minus the 3 days I put myself on cleaning restriction. So technically I finished this in 18 days!! So why did I put myself through such rigorous paces to get this sweater done? Stitches West 2008 of course!! After seeing all the people with their Rhinebeck or other special occasion knits I knew I needed a new knit for Stitches. At first I thought of the Venezia sweater, but when the (insert various hallucinogens here) wore off Central Park Hoodie came to mind.


  • I love my buttons and buttonholes. I got the idea to blanket stitch the buttonholes, when I noticed how shabby the holes looked and how much they disappeared into the fabric. I wanted to give the sweater a little pop so I decided to go with red embroidery floss for the blanket stitches and the button attachment. When it is buttoned the blanket stitching disappears, but when it is opened you get to see a little something extra. I think it really makes the sweater stand out. In fact, I didn’t really like the CPH until I added the button. Now I am liking it a lot more.



The Bad

  • I did the calculations for the yearn conversion from Tahki Donegal Tweed to Elann Highland Peruvian and found that I would need 16 balls of yarn to complete this project. WRONG! I only needed 11 and now have 6 more balls to clutter my stash. BOO!
  • The Oxford Heather that I got for the CPH was more hairy than the heather I used for my Sunrise Circle Jacket. It is a little scratchy and the hairs cause pilling to occur in high use areas. But this should calm down with wear.
  • I accidentally knit about .25″ more for the button band ribbing which is a little too wide for the button placement which makes the front overlap jut out a little if you are not paying attention.


The Ugly

  • I had read about the CPH fitting a little snug. So silly me decided to mess the fit and knit the 44″ hoping to get something around 42″ or 43″. So I messed with the fit with only 20+ days to finish. I messed with the fit with gauge being incorrect. I messed with the fit during blocking. I MESSED with the fit AND forgot to change the needles. All this messing around…well….resulted in a mess. What size is my CPH? I have no clue! Fits the body, snug in the armhole, snug on the sleeves. May need another blocking for it to reach its full potential of greatness. Modifications made, include but are not limited:
    • Knit back with size 7 needles for ribbing andsize 6 for body
    • Knit the rest of the sweater with size 7’s only
    • Knit 5″ of ribbing for the back
    • Knit size 44 for back and front to get between 40 and 44.
    • Knit size 44 sleeves with size 48 armhole number

All in all a great knit if you don’t mess with the fit too much. Either way, I did get my “Daily dose of fiber” courtesy of Ravelry.
Fiber…Good for the body, good for the soul!

34 thoughts on “Finished Object – Central Park Hoodie

  1. Wheee! What a ride? I am *still* not done. A bit of “debbie downer-ness” had kept me away. Oh, and sewing too! But I am working on the 2nd sleeve. So far, I think mine’s going to be ok, but I am a little hesitant after reading your post.

    Yours came out lovely and I really, truly adore the buttonholes! Will I see you at LisCat on Wed for SnB? You better…

  2. I love your multi-sized sweater, I LOVE your red button yarn, I love your pictures…and thus I’ll forgive you for leaving us in order to live a fun and fantastic life. πŸ˜‰ And happy birthday!!

  3. It looks so great on you! Nice color, and I think the fit is really good.

    Also, where was my invite to Costa Rica? I will assume it got lost in the mail. πŸ˜‰

  4. It looks amazing!!! Your contrasting button thread and button holes are a really great detail, stylish and thoughtful. And I love that photo of you and your cat, so cute!

  5. It looks great and you look fab in it. What size it is doesn’t matter as long as it fits you and it seems to fit perfectly. Nice job (and welcome back!)

  6. I think it looks wonderful! Congrats on finishing it so quickly. I particularly like the red embroidery floss on the buttons/buttonholes — that really makes it pop! I hope you’ll get lots of wear out of this sweater!

  7. Yaaay! It looks terrific! I really like the red stitching around the button holes and the buttons; it gives the sweater a little bit of *pop*. (Ha, I just scrolled up and saw that Caitlyn said the same thing. Great minds think alike.) Love the shirt, too.

  8. I think the sweater is beautiful and it doesn’t look like it has fit problems. Maybe CPH will be a summer knitting project. But a sweater completed in less than 3 weeks…amazing.

  9. It looks great! That color is so classic you’ll get a lot of wear out of it.

    My favorite touches would have to be the blanket stitch buttonholes and red accents. I am so stealing that idead for my next sweater.

  10. Welcome back! I hear CR is awesome, what a great way to celebrate your birthday! We are the same age, and our birthdays are about the same time, so I am all envy (although I had a great local celebration). Great sweater, and fast, too! Just in time to enjoy it on chilly mornings here. Love the red detail.

    P.S. Can you recommend any good apron sources?

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