Not For Lack of Love and the Stitches West ’08 Update

Dear Neglected Blog and Readers,

I love you. I really do! But time is getting the best of me and with only so many crafting hours in the day something has got to give. And since eating, sleeping, and working are necessities it was you oh blog, and by extension dear readers, that took the hit. I also wanted to thank all of you for you comments.  I truly appreciate them even if I don’t send back a personalized e-mail.  Mwah!! to all of you!  Keep em coming because that is what blog are for…hee hee.
I have so much to tell you and so little time, so this will be a bit of a catching up post.


Stitches West 2008 was a blast!! I went with my best friend and we had a great time.  I loved it more this time than my first visit in 2005.   The Ravelry meetup was definitely the highlight of the weekend.


We got cool hello buttons to put our Ravelry names on.


And they made these super cool passports for you to visit the vendors and fill out.  This was the perfect souvenir for the occasion.   I also accidentally met up with a group of wonderful ladies who started a Monday night knitting group in my area.  Can we say group knitting two times a week!!! I must be in heaven.

Another great thing to do was people watch.  It was like a knitting fashion show filled with beautiful “one of a kind” knits and knitting celebrities .  I saw Cookie A and it was funny because I said her name as though I knew her.  It wasn’t on purpose but I am glad I had my name tag on so she didn’t have to give me the “who are you?” look.  She took it in stride and said my name right back as though we were friends.  I was shocked she knew my name and then I remembered I had a huge name badge on.  Hee hee silly me.

I also saw so much wonderful knitwear.


Can we say LOVE?!!


She hand painted this whole thing !!!  I walked clear across the room to take a picture of this.  Good googly moogly I have to make this shawl….and then learn how to hand paint.  Uh…yeah we will see.

Last, but definitely not least, is the weekend loot.  Between the Stitches market and a trip to Britex in SF, this is pretty much the majority of what I bought over the weekend.  Lots of new lovelies. The highlights of my new acquisition were the blue malabrigo lace which will most likes become a Wisp due to its easy pattern that can be done while I am on vacation,  the shawl/hair pins, and the peacock fabric which has not immediate project attached.


So that is it.  My whirlwind weekend.

P.S. If you didn’t notice,  I have hair now.  I got braids about two weeks ago because I am attempting to grow my hair out.  I will still wear it in a natural state (i.e. no relaxers or straightening combs) but just wanted to wear it a little longer.  No styles in mind yet, but I have some time before I have to decide anyway.

P.S.S.  I also finished my Central Park Hoodie which you can see a little bit of in the pictures above.   I will have to write an entire post on that after the vacation because that this was fraught with emotional ups and downs.   I finished it the day before I left so the knitting was down to the wire.  Hence to W.I.P. posts.

Anyhoo, talk to you soon.

11 thoughts on “Not For Lack of Love and the Stitches West ’08 Update

  1. Your hair looks great!
    I was wondering about your CPH! It looks fantastic in the photo. I didn’t manage to finish mine prior to Stitches, but now all I have left are attaching the buttons. How did you attach your buttons? My CPH was fraught will emotional ups and downs at the end too.
    I had fun at Stitches as well. Now I just need to download photos of my loot!

  2. Love the hair. Love the goodies. I can hardly wait to see the completed Wisp.
    I won’t be there tonight, but hope to see you next Wed.
    And more details about the Monday night knitting group, please!

  3. Wow, that peacock shawl is insane. I like you new braids, although the short do was cute too (so perky!). Can’t wait to see what you do with your new loot.

  4. You look great with the braids! You also look like you had a terrfic time at Stitches West and made out really really well ! You can’t beat Stitches West for seeing tons of vendors all at one time and Britex is fabric heaven. You must have gone into creativity over-drive 🙂 The peacock shawl really was interesting. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen it dyed.

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