248…And Counting…


This post is long overdue, but I wanted to thank Skyline Chilly, Sulala, Knitology, Random Snapshot for nominating me as their day maker 🙂

I remember the time when I wouldn’t be caught dead participating in a meme. I would just skim right past them on others blogs and was sometime even annoyed. I have to admit that I am definitely over the “_____ (fill in the number) weirdest things about me” meme. Playing that meme once is enough, let along the zillion reincarnations that circle the blogisphere. If you participate in that one more than once you should probably start on the “100 things about me meme”, not that is a challenge!

Now a days, I try and find the merit in each meme and their ultimate value to the blogisphere by asking the question “how does this meme really add to blogisphere?” For the “Make My Day” meme, I can answer that question with one number… 248. I now have 248 blogs that I monitor via Bloglines! And people, I love me some blogs so I have to at least read some part of EVERY post. I have never pressed the “mark all read”, how could I? So to give back some of the crazy I put together a small list of Make My Day blogs. These are the blogs that I get so excited about when they show up on bloglines, I even tend to read them more than once to make sure I got everything they had to say. So here they are:

  • Miss Celie’s Pant – Here sewing is like magic to me and I love all the details she includes in her post. When I grow up and become a real seamstress I wanna be just like her 🙂
  • Whispering Pine – She really inspired me to get sewing. I loved all her posts especially her Amy Butler Barcelona skirt and her post about all her sewing machine feet.
  • dogged. – love her knitting, Project 365 pictures, and she has been rocking the quilting thing lately too.
  • i heart linen – her style is so classy and clean, but full of fun colors and combinations. Love it!

So there you go, my list of “must love blogs” Go visit and say hello. I am sure your bloglines will be growing too!

6 thoughts on “248…And Counting…

  1. Oooops. Didn’t I leave you a comment that I too nominated you for the Make my day award? Stupid me, I thought I had left to everyone. Anyway, if you scroll down a couple of post on my blog you will see it. And congratulations for getting so many awards, but you know, you deserve them.
    And pretty interesting blogs you mention! Only a few were familiar to me from before.

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