Finished Object – Emmeline Apron


Here is another Montessori by Hand new release.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the Messenger Bag. I am sure Meg is beaming with delight, because I am 😀 .

In addition to the Messenger Bag, I also test sewed the Emmeline Apron. Everything about this apron was quick…how quickly I was asked to do it, how quickly I sewed it up, and how quickly I needed a Christmas present for my mom 🙂 . So for it to look so nice, even close up, is both a testament to my improving sewing skills and how wonderfully easy the pattern is.

Fabric: Amy Butler Lotus Pond in yellow and Sun Dahlia in green
Inspiration: Montessori by Hand Emmeline Apron
Modifications: None
Difficulty: 6
Enjoyment Factor: 8
Sewing Time:
1 day

The Good:

  • It’s reversible!!! How cool is that. 2 in 1 is always such a great feature. You can also use the ties as an added design element by tying them in the front or back.
  • I was drawn to this pattern due to the empire waist shape. It even has darts to add even more chicness to the design. It would definitely be flattering for any shape. Besides, who knows when you will have to work the runway in your apron 🙂 . Yes, I have been watching too much Project Runway.
  • This has quite a few tricks for the newbie sewer. Gathering and darts. Nothing bad, but definitely a great place to learn them.

The Bad:

  • It is a little fiddly on the top ties when you first put it on because you need to adjust them to get the fit that is right for you. I would suggest tying them the first time, just keeping them tied for future use, and just slipping in over your head so they are ready to go when you are.
  • I did forget to edge stitch around the ties as the pattern said, but that really is no biggy.

The Ugly:

  • Nope, I got nothing

21 thoughts on “Finished Object – Emmeline Apron

  1. Oh, my! That is gorgeous! I would want to cook and entertain all the time if I looked that good doing it (note to self: resist the apron!). Well done, and now we know where you get your good looks. 🙂

  2. I am JEALOUS!!! The apron is GREAT!! Love the colors!! Moms is workin’ the apron. I am patiently waiting for my pattern. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for the review!!

  3. We should always cook in style! you did a great job. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog. May I ask where you take your tailoring class? I am on the westside and have been looking for a similar class. A bientot

  4. Oh my gosh, that is so freaking cute! I need an apron with darts! Um, yeah, for all that cooking that I do… Seriously, I think this is one of your cutest FOs to date!!!!

  5. I read your review yesterday and upon arriving home my pattern had been delivered. It’s awfully cute and I love your fabrics. I have one question. The pattern supply lists calls for interfacing, but I don’t find it used in the directions. Did I miss something?

  6. Thanks for the review, Monique – gorgeous work, as always! Cathy, the instructions for using the interfacing can be found under Step 1, the cutting instructions. There’s a note in bold that tells you how to cut out/apply the interfacing. Hope this helps!

  7. Another totally amazing apron in a fantabulous fabric. I want to fly to whereever you live and follow you when you go material shopping.

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