Pedal to the Metal

With Stitches West only 18 days away, I decided to torture challenge myself to finish a sweater for the event.  I mean everyone has got to have a new outfit for events of this magnitude, right?  So I decided the Central Park Hoodie would be my tour de force.  This is all based on me knitting nonstop for the next 2.5 weeks!  Now I have finished sweaters in 4 weeks before but never with the expectation of doing such.  Therefore, this both a mental and physical challenge for me to stay focused on not get distracted.


So far I have finished the back of the sweater and started the ribbing for the left front. I actually started the sweater on January 28th with 24 days until Stitches.   It is a pretty easy sweater, but I am knitting at a smaller gauge with the Elann Highland Peruvian so the knitting is slow going.  Plus I have no patience due to the looming deadline so it felt even slower.  I am a tiny bit worried about the sizing too.  I am knitting the 44″ which is working to be more like a 40″due to gauge and I am knitting the armholes for the 48″ to get the arm size of the 44″ as my arms are pretty thick.  So not only do I have 18 days to finish I also have to determine if this thing will fit nicely.  Anyway, gotta get back to the knitting…

In the meantime, I will entertain you with a lovely picture of the center cables on my sweater.  I just love them!! They kinda remind me of the spine armor of a Klingon uniform.


Yup…I AM that nerdy.

9 thoughts on “Pedal to the Metal

  1. Yay, deadline knitting! It looks fabulous so far, and I have absolutely no doubt that you’ll be feeling all Klingon-y at Stitches, and telling the crowd of admirers how much you enjoyed making your sweater!

  2. Hey, I super love your blog and your work. I’m working on a mod of the pleatness bag, based on your mod – I’ll post it soon and let you know. It’s going okay 🙂 Just wanted to drop a line and say how much I’ve been enjoying reading your posts, which I’ve only recently discovered. One question – way back in the early posts, you mention some “perdida” beaded wristlets. Where did you find that pattern? Cause the beaded hat is hotness, and wristlets along those lines would be just my style. Thanks and thanks for making awesome inspiring things.

  3. I’m working away on my own CPH, too- it seems to be taking forever, and I can’t say I’ve been too faithful with it. I love the grey colour you chose- lovely!

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