Your Either In…Or your Out!

On Wednesday, I got to take a vacation day and go on a field trip with my tailoring class. Yes a full fledges field trip with permission slips and everything!! It felt like I was back in elementary school 🙂

If you watch this show, then you will know why I am so excited about our field trip destination. If you don’t, then this is just a story of a girl and a lovely fabric store. Because we went to Mood!!


Not THE Mood in N.Y.C. but a smaller L.A. version of the same thing!! How awesome is that! We had the best time there looking at all the wonderful things in the store




And we even received a great tour of all the fabric from one of the employees.


Since these were designer fabrics they were not for the faint of heart or the limited of funds.  But ultimately, I didn’t buy anything because I just…couldn’t…decide!! Anyone who knows me also knows that fast decision making while artistic craft shopping is not my forte.


After Mood we wend to FIDM for the Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit.  There were lovely costumes with lots of tailoring and sewing details to be seen.

Last we went to B. Black and Son’s  which is a major wool fashion fabric store in L.A. and that is where I bought 2 cuts of wool fabric for a vest and pair of pants and also spied a lovely lovely green 100% silk that I will have to go back and get.  I even found a 1 1/8″ yard of 100% cashmere for $45.00 but I let one of my classmates have it.

All in all it was a wonderful day filled with so much to see.  I just love it.  Made me feel like a kid again.


5 thoughts on “Your Either In…Or your Out!

  1. Squee!! Mood!!

    I’ve ordered wool from B. Black before – I had no idea they were an actual fabric store, that you could visit and feel all the wooly goodness in person. Neat!

  2. Ooo, cool! That’s my kind of field trip. Can’t wait to see what you whip up (and what you go back to get because you can’t stop thinking about it, heh heh heh)!

  3. OK that may be the coolest field trip EVER! And to go on a costume design exhibit would be very interesting to me, all the details of what material used, techniques for different time periods….etc… (ah dreaming on working on historic movie set….while currently working as engineer in automotive industry….)

  4. Did you only have 30 minutes to browse and a limited budget? Heh, I do love me some Project Runway!

    That’s very cool that you got a tour. Those designers must know the place like the back of their hand to be in and out in such a short period of time.

  5. I’m such a lightweight. I was watching Project Runway last night and dozed off. Woke up, rewound it on tivo and dozed off a second time! Luckily, this morning I crammed it in.

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