Adult Recess

We all remember recess. That time when you got to play with your friends, see a kid from another class, gossip about all sorts of things before having to go back to the drudgery of the next class. Well today I had an adult recess with Mrs. Hipp from Hipp Crafts. The funny part is that our first meeting was via a Yarn Lady bag sale in 2006 but back then we could only briefly chat due to the burning desire to find the best yarn deal EVER.

Unfortunately, we had a horrible time and decided that we really didn’t like each other afterall. Can’t you see it in our faces?


Just kidding…that was one of the many jokes of the day. In fact, I had a wonderful time with Mrs. Hipp. Our mission was to go shopping at the Purl Warehouse in Tustin and chat over lunch. I love bringing people to this jewel of a place so when Mrs. Hipp suggested a meetup I was all for it. She ended up having the day off and I took a long lunch recess break to meet up with her. I was good and only bought some fabric for a new Amy Butler pattern and she bought a few goodies for sewing and knitting.

I have to say the best part was not the shopping but meeting someone you read about via the blogisverse. Funny how people are just as nice, funny, and crafty as you expect, if not more so. We talked about knitting, the idea of me cobbling my own shoes and weaving (Mrs. Hipp was the voice of reason in this situation), how knitters love their knits even if they don’t fit, and her possibly having to blog about my death during out meetup if I was hit in the parking lot of the shopping center we were in (yes, I did expect a post about that 🙂 ). A lot of these jokes require far too much explaining to be funny, but suffice it to say we were both near tears the whole time.

Thanks Mrs. Hipp for a wonderful meetup. It’s always nice to put a name to a face and a friend to a blog.


6 thoughts on “Adult Recess

  1. Ooh meeting blog friends in person finally are the best!! :o)
    I am planning on a big recess this Saturday with some Ebony Elite knitters! Yah!

  2. I love meeting someone in the blogoverse that you end up having a good connection with. Reminds me a bit of you and me…he he he!

    Jealous of the Purl Warehouse excursion…I am dying to make that new tunic. Mind you, I can barely thread the sewing machine, but hey, that can’t stop me from dreaming. Besides, Molly’s post on Purl Bee said it was an easy beginning garment. Can’t wait to order the pattern and get some fabric…which I think I will do right after I finish posting this…

    BTW, won’t make it to knit night tomorrow. It’s Mom’s Bday. But maybe you might be interested in coming over on Saturday (or I can swing your way) for a sew-in?

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