Finished Object – Corsage Pincushion


I made this pincushion as the final present in a Christmas gift package for one of my best friends. She is a quilter, painter, and general artist who I admire quite a bit. She just has the imagination and natural talent for art of any type. I am more of a schooled crafter, where she is just naturally talented. So to make her quilting that much brighter, I made her this pincushion. Good thing it was quick or I might have had the urge to keep it!

Fabric: Polyester Felt for the flower petals, Green wool felt for the base and wrist strap
Corsage Pincushion from Pretty Little Pincushions
Modifications: Used Velcro instead of snaps
Enjoyment Factor:
4 hours

The Good:

  • I really enjoyed this pincushion pattern because it was a small, quick project that I could leisurely complete while watching TV. The whole project took one viewing of Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, and the ball dropping on New Year’s Day (approximately 4 hours).

  • I like the utilitarian aspect of such a pretty little…well…pincushion as the title of the book implie. I tried it on and now I need one for myself! I start back to my tailoring class on Tuesday so it would be like back to school clothes πŸ™‚ Man, I miss those days!

The (not so) Bad:

  • Nothing here is bad, just stuff I would do differently. For one. I like the idea of the velcro since I did not know the wrist circumference of my friend. This pretty much put that worry to rest. I used the iron on type which mad it that much easier. Plus if the felt were to stretch for any reason, you have some leeway with sizing.

  • I will be making another one, but this time I will make the base of the pincushion all little shorter. The pins went all the way down into the pincushion and kinda disappeared. I would want them to sit a little proud for easy pickin’s

The Ugly:

  • Nothin here! Except that I have more pictures of this beautiful pincushion than I have post details. Guess it could be worse πŸ˜€

Just one more sewing FO from Christmas and then we will get back to our regular scheduled program of knitting πŸ™‚ Actually maybe I shouldn’t promise that because the sewing FO just keep jumping in the way. My knitting needs to be a little less passive because the sewing bug is just kicking my butt!


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