Welcome to the New Me – Peacock Chic

Hi everyone,

Welcome! It’s so good to have you over after you long travels from my old site. Make yourself at home (i.e. update your RSS feeds and bloglines 🙂 ).


2007 was a pretty good year for me, nothing that I could truly complain about. However, in 2008 I hope to not only ring in the New Year but the new ME as well. Not brand new me, kinda like a new used car – not new, just new to me 😀

So in addition to joining the gym and starting my 365 Photos on Flickr (to be blogged about later), I decided to change my blog name and URL as well. This was mainly because I have been branching out from just knitting to exploring more of the wonderful world of crafting. This is a pretty broad world that can take me anywhere, kinda like Forrest Gump’s shoes, so I figured I needed a blog name that did not pigeon hole me into one crafty extreme or another.

The name comes from my love of posting to my blog. In life, I am not very good at taking compliments. I love them, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t know how to handle them. Therefore, I will often downplay or just not mention some of the things I have done. My blog on the other hand is probably my alter ego. I love posting my finished items on my blog and displaying my crafty feathers for all to see. I am so addicted to the comments you all send and love every one of them. Hits to the blog? Don’t get me started. So….addictive… Hence, the Peacock of Peacock Chic. This is the place where I prance around and blatantly show off my accomplishments with disregard for any level of humility:mrgreen: .

Chic (pronounced shēk or “sheek”) is a French word that has come to mean smart or stylish. And that is what I hope all of my crafty exploits are – smart and stylish. I love my crafts challenging, yet compliment the latest crafty goings on of the blogisverse.

So that is how the new blog got its name. I hope you like what 2008 brings and will come back again and again.

To make sure that happens, don’t forget to update your RSS, bloglines, google readers, bookmarks or any other internet road that leads you here 🙂

Forever thankful for your visits,


10 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Me – Peacock Chic

  1. Your new blog title is so thoughtful, and it has a great ring to it too. How wonderful for you…and us, hee hee hee! I am greatly looking forward to seeing all of the new things you have up your (handknit) sleeve.

  2. Nicely done! And I understand what you mean about being able to accept compliments. I usually counteract a compliment by “reminding” the complimentor(s) of one of my flaws or short-comings. Interesting, no?

  3. I was getting sad that that I had just got used to Lint Knitter but once I read your entry…..I LUV your new name!! What a great reincarnation!

    BTW (where did the Lint part come from??)

    I have updated you feeds in my reader girl!


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