Finished Object – Beehive Bag


Ok, I couldn’t have thought of a better way to open 2008 than with a much loved finished object. I LOVE this bag!!! Love it, love it, love it!! If I could marry it I would. When it was finished I would leave the room and then come back just to look at it. I walked around the house with it for hours with no intention of going anywhere. Even now I get a little gitty just thinking about it. It took all my will power to finish my resolution posts and not inject this FO post in the mix. Does it match my outfit you ask? WHO CARES!! I will wear it anyway. That is how much I love this bag. Excuse me I have to go look at my bag now….


Inspiration: Pleatness Bag from Craftster Tutorial (here is the link to the .doc file for the tutorial)
Modifications: Quite a few modifications – dimensions changes, added inside pocket, deleted zipper top, lenghtened straps, added button closure.
Enjoyment Factor: 10++
Time: 1.5 days

The Good:

  • You mean the fact that I love this bag isn’t enough? Ok, ok, back to the details…

  • The fabric. I finally broke and added the yellow beehive fabric to my stash when I heard that this line was being discontinued. Yes, there will be no more!! I had to get it. And once I had it I had to make something wonderful, which I think I did. The Uptown lining fabric was found on a later visit to Purl and it just complimented everything because I looked at it and at once thought of honeycomb.
  • The Red Suede. I had this fabric in my stash for a while and I just love the feel of it. It was a great combination piece to the Etsuko fabric

  • Notice the button string? Well that is the selvage of the fabric. I couldn’t find a ribbon or string I liked enough so I used the wonderful purple fabric of the selvage. It was a bear to make bias tape from about 1/4″ of fabric, but I did!
  • I really like the side pockets since I always lose my phone in my bag, hopefully the pockets will end the futile “search for the phone before it goes to voicemail” adventures

  • I am getting really good at adding those welt zipper pockets to the inside of bags. They are so handy!

  • Love the chubbiness of the bag. It was modeled after a $3.00 bag I got from Target that I always use for casual (a.k.a. everyday) use. It can hold a mountain of stuff, including the requisite knitting project and still has room for more.
  • Gotta love them pleats. I like how they add dimension to the honeycomb fabric and it really makes the bees pop!
  • The tutorial is well written and it was a great gesture on heartasaurus’ part since she sells these bags on her etsy site.

The Bad:

  • The straps were originally too short. I complete the outer shell and was so disappointed to find that the straps were just too short. I felt that I had an armpit tumor with the bag right there. So I had to deconstruct the whole bag to get back to the handles and then remake the handles to the proper dimension. Final cut dimensions were 44″L x 4″W cause I like my straps on the long side.

  • I love the bag when it was completed but it was a little too gardener bag like when the edges flopped out on the top. So I added some pleated to the sides which kept them in and make the bag look a little more petite. That little addition just made my hear soar.
  • The top of the bag could have used a little interfacing. Nothing bad, but it would have given it just a little more structure. I will do that next time.

The Ugly:

  • Absolutely, Positively, not…one…thing

Ok, I have been away from my bag long enough. I must get back to oggling it!


46 thoughts on “Finished Object – Beehive Bag

  1. ohmigosh this bag is FANTASTIC!!! I cannot believe you made it! Thank you for introducing me to Purl. What an amazing site. I still can’t get over this bag!! And I do not get excited by people’s purses. Wowser.

  2. Gorgeous. I’ve made two of these bags and they look nowhere near as good as yours does. That bag is definitely oggleworthy.

  3. I don’t blame you, nope not one little bit! I’d be prancing all over the house with it too if I had that bag! Fabulous!! And you did a magnificent job with the craftsmanship!

  4. Oh, man. This bag is all kinds of fantastic. I love it, the shape, the fabrics the beads, everything! That is good work. A great way to start of the new year, indeed! Happy New Year!

  5. Wow! I have some of that fabric too, and it’s so pretty that I’m not sure I’ll be able to cut it 🙂 You were very brave to cut your fabric, and the results is amazing!

  6. OMG – CUTE BAG!! I noticed you are a So Cal resident – You NEED to let me know next time you are heading to Purl in Tustin!! – I want to go!!

  7. OMG, I had no idea that the Purl Warehouse had fabric too. Now I REALLY want to go. And your new purse looks fantastic! Love love love the fabric. The inside zipper pocket looks hard to do, and your turned out so great. Good work!

  8. First of all, Happy New Year. Next, you need to open a store and sell some of these things. Don’t keep them to yourself – share! Plus whatever you do in ‘real’ life can’t be half as much fun as creating these beautiful objects. Congrats.

  9. i cannot seem to get to your link for the instructions. i like this better than the pleatness and wonder can you send me a tute? thanks in advance!

  10. I’m American living in Berlin, Germany and have been looking around on the net to find some cute bags to sew. Wow, did I hit the motherlode! America is so “in” to sewing and Germans mostly don’t know the first thing about it, fabrics are not available and when, at a premium price. Ok, I’m done bitchin and will just be happy that I found this great website. Thanks an awful lot! Your bag is ultra fantastic!

  11. OMG – I know you’ve heard this 44 other times, but I just had to say it again. This bag is amazing!! The colors!! The build!! It’s better than words can say! I love it!

  12. I totally missed this before, but I absolutely, positively love this bag! All the little details are perfect, down to the yellow button! I need to put this into the sewing queue.

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