2007 Finished Objects – The Sewing Edition

Grand Total: 3 scarves, 3 aprons, 5 bags, 1 shirt, 2 skirts, and 2 toys, and 1 hat

This one, unlike my knit edition left me pretty surprised at how few sewing FOs I had. Now given I am not complaining but I just imagined having more. Given there are a few that I have not blogged about and won’t be blogged until 2008, but I just imagined more. Hmmm….curious.

Still, for my first 13 months of sewing this is still a pretty good haul. I can’t really narrow down a particular skill for 2008 because it was really all new to me. Everything was a learning experience and I felt as if I earned a new sewing merit badge every time. My skills have improved dramatically and I have branched out into more clothing sewing as will become apparent in 2008.

Finished Object 2007 – Sewing


1. Wee Wondefuls – Kitty and Olive, 2. Denise Schmidt Scrap Wrap, 3. To Be Blogged 2008, 4. Box Bag, 5. To Be Blogged 2008, 6. McCall’s Vintage Apron 3979, 7. Denise Schmidt Scrap Wrap, 8. Kwik Sew 2311 Apron, 9. Amy Butler Blue Sky Sun Hat, 10. Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt – Layered Version, 11. Amy Butler Weekender Bag, 12. Butterick 4457 Shirt, 13. Amy Butler Patchwork Bag, 14. McCalls M5053 skirt, 15. To Be Blogged 2008, 16. Denise Schmidt Scrap Wrap

The Best of 2007

Amy Butler Weekender Bag

The Weekender Bag was voted best of 2007 because…well…can’t you tell?! This was the best pattern that produced the best looking bag around. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of hard work to get this bag looking this good but damn it was worth it. And as a man would say after gazing on a beautiful woman walking down the street…”DAMN YOU ARE FINE”!


Denise Schmidt Scrap Wrap Scarf

The Scrap Wrap Scarf was voted best of 2007 because I really like the creativity involved with the scarf. It is very simple and easy to make plus you get a playful and colorful accessory at the end. It is also obvious that this pattern would get the 2007 winning nod because I made it three time. THREE TIME PEOPLE!! This is not like me. I am a one time only type of crafter. Maybe even two, but three!! The funny part is I could see myself making more of these in 2008. These little puppies are as addictive as little smokies. So small and good you end up eating them all before you know it.

So there is the wrap up for the sewing projects of 2007….

Oh…hey, wait a minute. I just realized why I had fewer sewing FOs than I thought. That is because I have so many unfinished projects in the sewing category. Me!! The finishing queen has 2 quilts and 1 jacket waiting sadly to be finished. Well, we can’t have that! So I shall be kicking those out of the WIP category in 2008.

Next up… the Best of the Best 2007 meme, complete with resolutions, courtesy of Knit Lit!



9 thoughts on “2007 Finished Objects – The Sewing Edition

  1. Came here through Sew,Mama,Sew because I just had to tell you how wonderful I think your apron turned out. For just sewing a little over a year you are doing a fantabulous job!

  2. My 2 favorites were the Amy Butler Weekender Bag & Sun Hat!
    I thought I haven’t seen #15 yet!! :o) Had me thinking I was crazy! ;op Can’t wait to hear about it!

  3. I came here because of Sew Mama sew. Your blog is so great! And you are so funny! I love your sewing humor. I’ll stop by again soon!

    Have a great New Year!

  4. I’ve enjoyed watching your sewing FOs as well as your gorgeous knitting throughout 2007. Wish I could keep up with you! I simply have to try some of Amy Butler’s patterns, you are such a great ambassador for her work.

    Looking forward to see what you create in 08!

  5. your fos (bot knit and sew) loook fantastic. you are very talented. i cant believe you just took sewing and were posting your first steps and now look at you! 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog- as far as I know, you’ll be the first who have me in bloglines- yay!

    LOVE your New Year’s list! What an excellent way to round up 2007.

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