I am so lucky….

Especially these part two weeks. Let me tell you why….

  • I have such great blog readers to help sway the election 🙂 – thank you thank you thank you

  • I have a great knit group that doesn’t bat an eye at knitted cupcake pasties – No we don’t all walk around with knitted pasties but this was our “how many knit items can you wear” contest. The most we got was 9 but man we had lots of fun while everyone was walking the runway.
  • I got a wonderful holiday party swap partner – who bought me some yummy Debbie Bliss alpaca silk and a beautiful flowering tea. As you can see I couldn’t control myself
  • I won a mini bundle of fabric from Linda Lum DeBono’s blog in a holiday giveaway. She is a designer and the fabrics will be from her new line of fabric. She also have a really cute totebag pattern on her site.

  • I got to test sew a fabulous pattern. If you sew, you will be buying this pattern up like gangbusters. It was great to sew and produced such a wonderful finished object. I have to wait to show you, but above is a little sneak peek. You are just going to love it!

So all of this wonderful luck led me to buy two lottery tickets in the hopes that my luck was still running strong. As you can see, I am still posting and not while sipping Mai Tai’s on the beach so suffice it to say my lucky streak has run its course 🙂


6 thoughts on “I am so lucky….

  1. Wow! Things have been good!

    LOL @ cupcakes it took me awhile to figure out what it was! Haha!

    Dang it! @ not sipping the Mai Tai’s

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