Finished Object – Aprons Aplenty


I have been a crafting machine over the past few weeks, and producing some pretty kick ass gifts if I may say so myself…which of course I do. Not only am I crafting for the upcoming Super Holiday of Christmas, but there are also some birthdays and baby showers sprinkled in there for good measure.

So for my friend’s birthday gift, she wanted some aprons to wear when she has a booth at craft fairs. She specifically requested a Christmas and a Spring season color apron set. So here are the details…

Springtime in Craft land Apron


Fabric: Urban Chicks “Summer in the City” Fabric for the middle and birds on the edges, JoAnn’s fabric for front side panels
McCall’s 3979 Vintage Aprons
X-Large (20-22)
Modifications: Added side seam pockets
Enjoyment Factor:
9 – love the construction details
Time: 3 days

This was definitely my piece de resistance in apron making. I have loved this pattern since I saw it made in black and white oil cloth material. I had yet to make it since, although I love aprons, I have very little use for them. So when my friend asked me for aprons I knew this one would be topping the list.


  • I absolutely love the unique design of this apron. It was so revealing to make. Every time another piece came together I would say to myself…”ta da!!”. I just love new construction techniques.
  • I like the color combo which was inspired by the bird print that my friend likes so much. This is definitely not a color combination that I am used to working with so it took quite a bit of mental massaging to keep going and know that it would look good when finished.


  • There is a secret addition to this pattern that I made. I added in-seam pockets between the second and third panels of the apron! My friend specifically asked that the pattern be a full body apron and have pockets. So after racking my brain for a few days I thought “a ha”. Only thing is that I had never done an in-seam pocket, let alone made significant additions or changes to a sewn pattern. So when I actually pulled it off it was probably the biggest “TA DA!!!” moment of the sewing process.


  • Figuring out the proper size. Yes, this apron pattern has sizes but no measurements to tell you how to determine which you are. Does it use modern sizing or vintage sizing as the name would imply. Either way I knew I would need the biggest size to err on the side of caution because both me and the recipient are quite boodyilicious.
  • The 1/4″ seams they asked for were to big and were not covered by the double-fold bias tape when it was applied. I even double checked the pattern to make sure it didn’t require Extra-wide double fold bias tape and it didn’t. So I sewed the seams at 1/8″ and the applied the bias tape and sewed over it again. Unless she is making all her craft sales in quarters and putting them in the pockets of her apron, I think the seams should be fine. Just need to make sure you sew at the VERY edge of the tape so that you capture the most fabric.
  • I did notice that one of the seams for the side ties had come loose so I repaired it and then reinforced the ties my sewing another line of stitching right outside the edge of the bias tape. I highly recommend this to add stability.


  • Sewn binding is an unforgiving mistress that points out every flaw you make along the way. It may actually be IMPOSSIBLE to sew this stuff straight. I tried people, I TRIED and still it looked a little drunken at the end. Oh well, if you are looking that close at my friend’s body you may want to buy her a drink 🙂

Christmas Sparkle Apron


Fabric: Christmas Fabric from Micheal Levine
Inspiration: Kwik Sew 2311
Modifications: Deleted single pockets and added one long pocket unevenly divided into two.
Enjoyment Factor:
Time: 1 day
I was not much into the idea of the traditional Christmas color combo of red and green. In fact, I kinda don’t like those colors together when they are put on your body, so I had to break it up with some gold and a more sophisticated print fabric to liven it up.


  • This was kind of a nostalgic moment for me because I made this same apron pattern as one of my first ever sewn object in last year. It went much faster than the 4 weeks it took last time 🙂
  • I added a bigger panel style pocket instead of the tiny hand pockets so that it had more uses than holding change. Plus the xmas panel was too beautiful to cut up.
  • Used the label method in Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. It was simple, fun, and effective. I will definitely be using it again on future projects.
  • Super fast.


  • Same binding tape issues as above.


  • Nada

33 thoughts on “Finished Object – Aprons Aplenty

  1. I am totally jealous of your sewing skills. Those aprons are stunning. I sew like a 2nd grader (no offense to 2nd graders out there) and could use to improve my skills.

    I voted for Elijah – you’re in the lead!

  2. Oh cute, cute, cute aprons. Aren’t you the multi-craftinista these days !!!
    Incidently, you are cute too !!! I’ve added Lint Knitter to my blogroll.
    Happy Holidays,

  3. You have outdone yourself indeed! These aprons are darling to the point of squealing (I see Liz K. already beat me to that, though!). Please do tell of your friend’s delighted reactions. And then come teach me how to be amazing like you!

  4. Your aprons are lovely! I love the addition of the pockets. I have also made this apron and love the pattern. In fact, I spent today making 4 aprons for Christmas gifts!

  5. I loved your tutorial, colors and information. I have posted your link to my sewing aprons group so that I may share your blog with other apron lovers around the world.

  6. Awesome!! I especially love the addition of the pockets on the Spring apron. I’ve been wanting to try that pattern (a black and white oilcloth version sounds yummy LOL!) I just might have to tackle it soon. You’re making me want to sew, sew, sew!!

  7. Your aprons are gorgeous! I love aprons, but see no sense in ones tied at the waist and hate things hanging on my neck. My mother had one that was a big vest that went to mid-thigh. I wish I could find a pattern for that! With cooking, cleaning and babysitting a toddler, it would be perfect for me.

  8. I love both of those aprons! I like the pink and blue color scheme, and the Christmas one is totally adorable! I really need to get my sewing machine out and dust it off.

  9. Thank you PC for linking to your work on my blog. I just adore your little apron. I should be getting a sewing machine in February for my birthday. I hope that I can make some pretty things such as the many creations that I’ve seen on your blog.

    You are very talented. Thanks again.

  10. I love the pink apron, and you modelled it very nicely, too! I like that it actually has shape to it. I have the “Bending the Rules” book and have been planning to make an apron from it, but I really love the one you made, so I might have to switch!
    Thanks for sharing! Shiloh

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