How Crazy is it to Decorate Two Weeks Early for Christmas?

Fetching Gloves

Picture of Fetchings from 2006

The chill is in the air and I woke up feeling like it was the lazy week of Christmas. After all the gifting is over and you are allowed to just revel in the thoughts of a new year and the holiday cheer. I thought of Christmas trees, or at least the scent since I have an artificial tree and use the Christmas tree scent air freshner 🙂 . I also thought of fresh baked bread, hot winter food, and cuddling up at home with some good knitting and quiet time.

Then the thought of decorating popped into my head. But decorating two weeks before Thanksgiving, is that just crazy talk or is bring the cheer a little early acceptable? Please note that I normally decorate either Thanksgiving night or the next morning to get maximum enjoyment.

So I thought I would poll some of my lovely readers and see if anyone else has caught the bug…

Go take the Poll HERE

and see how everyone else feels about the holidays.


5 thoughts on “How Crazy is it to Decorate Two Weeks Early for Christmas?

  1. Look the stores are already decked out…so why not you? Really, I say if it makes you happy and festive, go for it! I know of a family who keeps up a tree all year round with lights and everything. They do change out the ornaments to be seasonal, but still. And I know another family who has turned a guest bedroom into a Christmas room. And others who leave out their collectible Dept 56 houses all year. Hmm, maybe I just know a lot of cat-lady-crazy people, but they’re happy 🙂

  2. OK, so I really wanted to say that that’s a bit crazy, as in CRAZY CAT LADY CRAZY, but then that would make me the same. I’ve been itching to buy a tree and get to decorating. My mom and I went to Macy’s at South Coast Plaza and spent about 45 minutes traipsing through the decorated trees. Now, the question is…do I scratch that itch?

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