If You Don’t Have Anything Good to Say…

Well, I haven’t people.  The knitting has been touch and go and the sewing has been a bit of a wreck but I have persevered knowing that I will overcome the crafting slump.  I HAVE to because Christmas is around the corner.  Of course, I say this as if I do a lot of holiday crafted gifts when really I do not.  However, if I want to finish even ONE crafted gift this season, the mojo better make a command appearance and SOON.


On the good side, I started the Cable-Down Raglan with the Calmer I got on sale.  Man!! Calmer and Knitpicks Options are like BUTTER!  However, I have ripped the top diamond no less than 6 times (don’t ask) and although the loveliness of the butter combo has made the pain a little bit better it is still impeding forward progress.  And now I have hit a road block with the pattern which maybe one of my lovely readers can help me with:

When I start the right and left cable section on the sleeves, after the first diamond, my increase stitches started to look a little funky.  I followed the errata up to this point (i.e. k1f&b on sleeve increases and knitting the first stitch of the sleeve on work even rows) however, when I got to the sleeve it says change the k1f&b to a M1P on the sleeve increases.  I did that and ended up with a big hole and the stitch pattern looking wierd.

  • Now the question is.  Did anyone else follow the errata, M1P  or did you continue to do the k1f&b after the sleeve?
  • If you did do the M1P, do you continue to knit the first sleeve stitch after the marker on work even rounds or purl it

So while I wait for either help through the blogisphere or the nerve and desire to figure it out myself,  I started a new project.  I have never been one to have WIPs hanging around but this mojo thing gives me a true understanding of how people can have so many UFOs.  Anyway,  I present to you the Endpaper Mitts!


These are pretty spur of the moment, as a wonderful woman on Destash was destashing some Knitpicks Palette for free +  shipping and I got it.  I think I will call these my chocolate cover apricot gloves because those are the yummy colors.  These will be my introduction to two color knitting so that I can get to those Anemoi mittens that tempt me everyday.

Hope to have some good news and more progress on the Cable Raglan next time you hear from me.

12 thoughts on “If You Don’t Have Anything Good to Say…

  1. I haven’t knit that sweater, although I want to, so I can’t speak from experience here, but when you M1P are you purling through the back loop? That can help with the hole.

  2. I hope you’ve figured out your Cable-Down Raglan issue (it’s on my too knit list, but I haven’t started it, alas). It looks lovely in the photo, and I can’t wait to see more!

    Also, the color combination you’re using for the Endpaper mitts is great (I especially love your photo composition with kitty (black, no less) in the background). Very cool!

    I hope you’re crafting mojo returns soon (although, I have to agree with other commenters who note that your purported lack of mojo looks pretty mojo-riffic from here).

  3. I can offer you no help or advice on the raglan, sorry ! I feel your pain on the missing mojo, and I hope it comes back soon.

    I will say, though, that the endpaper mitts look wonderful, and those colors are just great!

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