I Thought the Monkey had My Mojo…

…because my knitting is all over the place. I’ve got FO’s falling out the ears and that just isn’t me.

So I thought I would make a quick Christmas hat out of the leftover Noro Iro…


Too small…

Next, I thought I would start on the on the Turtleneck Vest from Fitted Knits


but my Left Lifted Increase was leaving some pretty big holes. I tried to knit them through the back loop to try and minimize the holes but it just looks messy and uneven so that was forsaken too.

I finally thought I would cast on for the Monkey socks. Man I was cruising happily thought these socks because they are a pretty easy knit as socks go. I was even impressed that they were knit on size 2 because I have a big foot and the circumference of the sock was 8″ unstretched and my foot is a 10″. They were going so fast that the sock looked like this on Sunday…


and today it looks like this..


Just one problem. I didn’t realize size 2 DPNs come in two sizes 2.75mm and 2.5mm. WHAT!!! Yeah, guess which ones I used. You guessed it. Even funnier is that I bought a pair, then misplaced them, then brought another pair. When I figured out my error I went in search of the other needles, which just so happen to be 2.75mm too! Errr.



So I am this far to finishing the first sock, it is kinda loose and I really like the yarn so I may rip and either start again with the Monkey or find some other pattern to showcase this lovely yarn.

I want my mojo back!!!

6 thoughts on “I Thought the Monkey had My Mojo…

  1. Actually 2.5 mm is considered a size 1 or size 1.5. Not considered a 2. If you look at KnitPicks, they actually consider both 2.25 mm and 2.5 mm as US 1s and list both. I usually use 2.5 mm for my socks as they give me the needed gauge and size 2.25 mm usually requires more stitches for me.

    I’m glad you got a project working for you after the other two duds.

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