I NEED These…

I do recognize that there is a fine line between need and want in the America. I NEED food, I want more yarn. I NEED water, I want more clothes. This is where my fine line comes in because I WANT and NEED to make these bags. I have already earmarked each one for its intended use – one for knitting, one for everyday wardrobe, one for sewing projects and one for travel.

Ok, these bags probably don’t fit with the classic definition of need and are probably more of an obsessive compulsive, consumerism, addict sort of need but it is need nontheless.

Go check out the inspiration page! You may find that you NEED one too 🙂

16 thoughts on “I NEED These…

  1. So you and I have both been drooling over Amy Butler’s inspiration pages! They are so fun. It makes me want to design clothes! Did you know those bags are 40% off? At least I think they were yesterday or was it the day before. Anyway, they’re pretty pricey, even at 40% off. I’ll bet you could make them with enough staring at them. :o)

    Thanks for your nice comment, btw. :o)

  2. I need them too. Very badly. Last night I found a local (Buffalo) quilt shop that carries AB fabric and patterns. Of course I brought home some of the Nigelle. She didn’t have the patterns in yet, though

  3. Those bags are just wonderful! The thing is, I’m already such a Project-Bag-Ho that I can’t justify getting more. Still, very pretty to look at and drool over 🙂

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