Boys will be Boys

Knitting related words or concepts you do not say around boys, even if they are thirty years plus, married, and engineers:

  1. Knitty: because it ends up as “hey, show me your knitties” and lots of laughing
  2. Cats: because you immediately become associated with women who have hoards of feral cats.  Just remember Cats + Knitting = immediate spinster status
  3. Musty Balls:  Ok, even I have to admit that this one isn’t much a reach on their part but only my co-workers would modify the Stitch and Bitch calendar to read the following:

The white, blank spots used to say “yarn”.  Boys….


5 thoughts on “Boys will be Boys

  1. haha that’s hilarious!! teheehee (that’s my inner junior high boy laughing) I have the same calendar and thought “that’s tacky!”, so I covered it up with mail to prevent the inevitable double takes from people walking by my desk 🙂

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