The three stages of Bradshaw


Knat:  I have knit the back and the left side of the Bradshaw sweater

Knitting:  I am knitting the right front of the sweater with the irritating “do the right shaping like the left front and add some buttonholes” directions

Reknit:  I am also reknitting the right front of the sweater because I was distracted by the buttonholes and forgot the arm shaping, hence my irritation with the directions, even thought they are perfectly fine if you are able to remember to do them.  While ripping to fix the armhole, I also noticed that I did the math for the buttonholes incorrectly and only made 4 button holes instead of 5.  So instead of the 24″ I had, I am back to 9.5″.  Good thing this is bulky yarn!

It’s all ok though, because I can’t finish it until my order of the contrasting yarn arrives from Webs.  Until then, I will figure out what to do about the sleeves because this is the same pattern book that gave us monkey arm sleeves for the butterfly.    This pattern calls for 23.25″ sleeve length with a 6.5″ cuff people!!.  Hmmm…can we say octopus tentacles??


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