I Hella Love Oakland!


Ahh man I miss my old home town of Oakland. I went up there for the weekend and I have to say I am a little homesick, even though techniquely I am living in my hometown which is 5 minutes from where I was born. I had a wonderful weekend full of eating, shopping, eating, shopping, being lazy, and chillin with my Oakland homie.

We ate at all my favorite places and even some new ones.

On the crafty side, we went fabric hunting and yarn crawling. The fabric day was the best! I went to the Crate and Barrel Outlet which has discontinued Marimekko fabric on sale. The lady was extremely nice and instead of the 4 yards I asked for, gave me 9 yards for the price of 2.5! I couldn’t keep the smile off my face for the entire trip.


Even the kitties can’t stay away!

Next we went to Poppy Fabric which is going out of business and was having a 35% off sale. Earlier in the day we were in a store that had a bag I wanted but didn’t want to pay $100 for it, even though it would have been worth every cent. What do I find in the fabric store? The very same fabric used for the bag. I ended up buying quite a few different colors and some cute buttons. Wish I could have bought more but the fabric is busting at the seams right now.


Yarn day was also exciting. We went to the South Bay area to explore some yarn shops I had never been to before. I didn’t buy much, just some patterns and one ball of yarn, but it was all about the experience. That black cherry red yarn is Yarn Place Gentle which has a hint of cashmere. Yes, I know it is lace weight and yes, I know I said I was not a lace knitter, but really it is so addicting. This yarn is allocated for a Hanami stole.


I will be adding a page to the blog soon with the yarn shop reviews and the places I like to eat, so stop by when they are ready 🙂

5 thoughts on “I Hella Love Oakland!

  1. Oooh–I’ve wanted to knit up the Hanami stole for a long time. You picked a beautiful yarn for it!

    And it sounds like you got some great deals on fabric! I can’t wait to see what you make out of it!

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