A Big Thank You

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Thank you for all the great comments that you all have given lately. I feel bad that I have not been able to get back to every commenter but life has gotten the best of me since Hawaii. The catching up, the work, the lack of sleep, the bridal shower prep, and now a trip to my beloved East Bay has left me without much time to send responses. I will be enjoying all my favorite foods and visiting my favorite yarn shops while I am reliving my Nor Cal lifestyle. I can’t wait!! As a special bonus, I will be eating at one of my all time favorite restaurants, Chez Panisse!!! When I was a poor college student at UC Berkeley me and a friend would skip our Political Science lecture and go to Chez Panisse for the lunch menu. This was before I knew about the crushing agony of credit card debt, but it worth it and makes for great culinary memories.

In knitting news, the swallowtail shawl left me with nothing on the needles for my upcoming trip so I casted on for the Noro Bradshaw sweater. Knitting on 10.5 needles is a trip. I have already knit 12″ of the 24.5″ of the back in two days. I can see why people love chunky yarn so much.


One bad thing about this yarn is that knots are everywhere. I found three knots in one of the skeins. I was pretty pissed when I found out the length between two of the knots was this small 😡


Also because I was winding so fast it managed to do this damage to my ball winder. 😦


Oh well, what we do and accept from our knitting.


6 thoughts on “A Big Thank You

  1. I hear you on the Noro knots. I made a striped Silk Garden scarf, a la brooklyn tweed, and came across knots, too. I was fairly disgruntled . . . but of course that didn’t stop me from buying more SG from Little Knits while it was on sale! I’m a sucker for sales, too! I really need to stop surfing for them.

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