8 Things about Me

1. I used to not like reading Memes, let alone write them. I would quickly pass by anyones blog that had one. However, this past year I began to realize that I stopped to read the memes of crafty people that I admired, wanting to get to know them better. Hence my first foray into memes. If you hate them, as I once did, you are welcome to stop reading now…

Still there? Okay…


2. I am a big Star Trek fan. I have 7 huge plastic containers of Star Trek memorabilia. I was not the fringe geek who dressed up, but I definitely didn’t miss an episode and hate people mixing up Star Trek with Star Wars. I even have a Klingon tattoo! When Jadzia Dax married Worf, I nearly died. He was supposed to be MY klingon husband 🙂  Over time I began to really like her so I forgave their love affair.  I regard the episode Change of Heart as one of the most romantic tv episodes ever and when I watch is I my heart flutters every time.

3. I love big coffee cups. Lately Starbucks have been my dealer of choice. They have such wonderful designs on their 10oz or bigger mugs. I even went to their website to see if they sold them there, sadly they do not. My SP9 pal, Lynne, bought me a great mug that I use all the time. I love the thickness of the handle, it fits just right.

4. I have a huge fear of sharks. Yes, I know everyone fears sharks, however, my fear has rollercoastered over the years. I used to be too afraid to go into the pool because of the deep dark blue 8 foot end. I cannot watch shark week, and tend to get heart palpitations whenever someone speaks about it. The Hawaii trip was the first time I had ever been in water deeper than my thigh let along put my head under water. I can’t say I loved it but I did enjoy the view. That is when I wasn’t completely scaring myself and going in circles in the water because I thought there was something behind me. I even thought I heard screams underwater. Phobias suck!


5. I think Tom Petty is lucky. I started getting into Tom Petty in college and listened to him for years after that. I rarely heard Petty on the radios, especially because I also rarely listen to radio. So I decided that any time there was a spontaneous occurrence of a Petty song or sighting that it would mean my day for that point on would be good. Why? I have not idea, but I believe(d) in it so much that to this day I have other people that get excited for me when I or they hear Petty. Guess that saying “You make your own luck” holds true in this case.

6. I choose my family. I think of family as a privilege not a right. Everyone expects that because you or they are family that they have certain right as blood family that does not have to be earned. I, on the other hand, pick my family. To be part of the family you have to pass the same standards that I have in place for friends. To write them out here would take all day, but at the end of the day you have to value me as a person and show me that my loyalty to you is reciprocated. I consider many of my close friends to be family, some of which are more family than the ones I inherited by blood. Don’t get me wrong, lots of my blood family are my chosen family as well, but some regrettably are not.


7. I am a Taurus, even though my sign is Pisces. A long time ago I decided that I did not fit the parameters of my astrological sign of Pisces and decided instead that I was a Taurus. I came to this conclusion because I did not like the fickle, loosey goosey nature of the Pisces, and instead decided that I was grounded and firm like that of the Taurus. When I read horoscopes I read the Taurus section first and then reaffirm my belief by reading the Pisces section and comparing the apparent differences between me and the description. Before you ask, my rising nor my moon are in Taurus, just my imagination.


8. I was chosen as a Rockin Girl Blogger!! Not once but twice! How cool is that! Thank you Miss T and Joanna. Thank you so much (insert Miss America wave with a slowly falling tear on cheek). Now I am not very good at these things so I will switch it up a little. Over the past few weeks I have discovered a number of new hidden treasure blogs, at least they are new to me anyhoo. So I will put them here for all readers to discover for themselves.






















Damn!! That was harder than I thought! I worked on this post for days trying to figure out what to say. Hope you guys don’t think I am crazy and continue reading without fearing my sanity or lack there of. Mwahh, haa haa!!

Happy Friday!!


13 thoughts on “8 Things about Me

  1. That was probably the most thought out meme I’ve seen in a long time. I definitely love your idea of family. Congratulations on being a rockin’ girl blogger!

  2. It was a great meme post. Thanks for the link.

    I love looking at your FO pictures. That latest Noro creation is something I lust after.

  3. I love big coffee mugs, too. There’s something very satisfying about the heft and the way they feel in your hand. And when they’re filled with something yummy to drink . . . even better!

  4. I myself am not a meme fan either. At one point I tried to get a “fake” mem going where I encouraged people to make up five facts about themselves. Those I enjoyed. Anywhoodle, I enjoyed yours.

    Loved the Lego Spock. Sent the link to a fellow Trek fan and he loved it.

    Thanks for listing me as hidden treasure blog. {{{{{Smiles}}}} I don’t want to get all Sally Field on you but you get the idea. 🙂

  5. Those are some great links! Thanks! I grew up on the ocean and I don’t understand the fear of sharks but now I live in KS and I have a pathological fear of getting attacked by a mountain lion when I’m out running before dawn. It’s funny what we fear. You know we both are more likely to be hit by trucks just outside our houses than be attacked by a shark/mountain lion. Heh.

  6. Ah, Star Trek…must download that episode. I’m totally with you on the big mug thing! Starbucks not only has the best designs, but they are very durable. I’ve had a couple of theirs for several years and not a chip or crack to be found! You can find a steady supply of them on eBay! I’ve often wondered why they don’t sell them on their website, though. Glad I found your blog, love those Amy Butler bags!

  7. Well, I’m entertained! I think it helps to intersperse the text with a few photos, as you have done (what can I say, I’m a visual person!).

    …and thanks for the mention! I’ll be sure to check out the blogs you’ve listed.

  8. Aw, thanks for the link! I just found your blog, too, and have been so happy I did! Your swallowtail shawl is awesome, and I can’t wait to see what else you’ve got up your sleeve, crafty lady.

  9. Aw shucks. Thanks for the shout out. You have inspired me to learn to knit. I am seriously considering taking a class very soon. I’m worried though that I will be adding yet another obsession to my hobby list.

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