Woot Woot!! I am Going On Vacation!!

Me and my best friend Jill just finished planning her birthday vacation location. We are going to Kona, Hawaii!!! And guess who is coming with us! Amy Butler! Yup, as soon as we decided on the location and bought the tickets I knew Amy would be essential to the trip. So I got in touch with her and she had some wonderful idea for the trip.

For packing there was this:


To block out the sun when I wasn’t getting a tan (ahem…that was a joke as I have more melatonin than the average person) there was this:


To hide my unsightly chub there was this and this:



And possibly for my friend Jill, there is this:


ok ok, she may not be there in body but definitely in craft. She always knows exactly what I need. I am such a Amy Butler groupie 🙂

Now to find the time to do all this sewing AND lose the prerequisite vacation chub so that I can fit this body into a bathing suit. Lean Cuisine here I come!


11 thoughts on “Woot Woot!! I am Going On Vacation!!

  1. Congrats on the trip! You and Amy Butler got a “love” thing going on! The skirt pattern is way cute. I might have to get it and have someone sew it for me.

  2. Wow – great projects on the horizon! love that skirt.

    Kona is fabulous – totally chill. There’s a great little beach just north of town that is a National Historic Site (I think — it’s federally run). I saw some sea turtles there and only one other person.


  3. We were just there!!!!! Fun stuff! Lots of sea turtles in Kona. Check out the Painted Church too. It’s cute! And definitely find a way to make it to the Volcanoes National Park on the other side of the island. It’s so worth it!

  4. I want to go on vacation with Amy too! And to Hawaii??? Have a wonderful time with the sewing and the vacation–I can’t wait to see pics of both!

  5. Tee hee! Funny post. I just picked up the Barcelona skirt pattern last week and now I’m stumped about what fabric to use. Curious to see what fabrics you choose for these projects.

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