Unseasonably Beautiful

This is about a very unseasonable knitting project that I will probably start on very very soon. When I think of summer I think of flowers and sunshine and Butterfly’s


Noro’s Butterfly to be exact!

This became an addition to my knitting “To Do” list when I saw one of my knit group members wearing it. Holy Cow!, I thought. I stalked her the rest of the night..touching and felling. Pregnant lady belly rubbing was nothing in comparison to the harassment this lady must have felt. But alas, it was not to be because I couldn’t justify 14 balls at $8.80 or $11.00 depending on what Noro yarn I decided to use.

Well, As the knitting fates would have it, Little Knits was having a 40-50% off sale on Silk Garden and Kureyon. And once again fate stepped in when I stumbled upon their blog and read 5 posts in to find out they were going to list this yarn with limited quantities. Lastly, I stalked the site until I was graced with 14 balls of Noro Kureyon in my basket at 45% off.


I really liked the dark colors in the original, but the lighter colors are ok too.  They are a little more drab in real life but I was also happy that they had it in the lesser expensive Kureyon. My knitting co-worker also liked the pattern when I showed her, so she bought some Silk Garden so she could knit along with me.

Since it will be too hot to actually wear this, it may be on the needles for some time, but on the needles it will be. I already swatched for it too!  Butterflies are so beautiful!


8 thoughts on “Unseasonably Beautiful

  1. I love the colorway you showed. I’ve only knit with kureyon once before, to make a felted booga bag. The yarn felt scratchy to me–that and it’s high price tag have kept me from using it again. Silk Garden has a much nicer feel while knitting. But those Noro colors, there is nothing like them!

  2. The Noro yarn looks wonderful in those colors, and I have to agree with the first commentor, I used it for a booga bag too and it was scratchy. I hope you dont itch from it though, and I cant wait to see when you start it too.

  3. That will be really beautiful knit up. I’ve never used Noro for anything myself since I do mostly lace. Your quilting is terrific. I went home to look at my skein of “Heaven” and though it is white, it has a hint of yellow in it. I posted it next to a ball of Zephyer and the Zephyer is more white than the Heaven. I think you will need a swatch from the wedding dress if you really need to match the shawl to the dress. Push comes to shove, I’d make the shawl even a brighter white than the dress rather than darker than the dress. Good Luck with that! Maybe you could do it in Kid Silk Haze? for a different look?

  4. This is really pretty and the colors are nice. I know you will do a great job, like your other work. I have yet to work with this yarn and need to buy some because it seems like every want is or have used it. Happy Knitting!!

  5. I keep seeing Noro yarn projects everywhere I look I think it’s a sign I need to try it out. Love the styling on the sweater. Very pretty drape.

  6. I really love the fabric for this shirt! It looks like you did a great job, but I can understand that if it is not comfortable, why wear it?? That’s a bad thing about sewing–you can’t rip it out and reuse the material like you can with yarn.

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