Finished Object: Wicked Sweater


Thanks everyone for the pep talk about the sweater. I was so eager to get it off the needles on April 10th but ended up having to redo the sleeves a couple times so that extended the date to April 20th. I know I have been an absentee blogger lately but man am I crafting up a storm. Between knitting and sewing and quilting, I am about to have a crafting induced nervous breakdown. I hope to be through the storm this week so I should have some more stuff to show off soon in the FO category. Until then, I hope you like the Wicked…now with extra twists!!!

Yarn: Queensland Llama Seta (80%alpaca/20% silk blend yarn) color 11
Inspiration: Zephyr Style Wicked Sweater
Size 6
Yardage: 9 balls (792 yards)
Modifications: Changed needles from 7 to a 6 to better suit yarn. Added an extra twist in the cables, which was an accident design element. Decreased before the armhole cabling to reduce armhole size.
Enjoyment Factor:

The Good:

  • Busted the Stash Baby. 9 out of 10 balls of my red Queensland Llama Seta yarn that I bought a while back for finally found a home.
  • This sweater flew off the needles. I saw the pattern, dug through my stash, threw it on the needles and here it is for all the see.
  • I really like the simplicity of the sweater and the pattern was great and very user friendly


The Bad:

  • I redid the armhole cabling twice because of the size of the armholes were two big for my taste. I had 76 stitches reserved for the armholes as the pattern stated but ended up reducing down to 64 stitches because I wanted a snugger fit on the arms.
  • My design element was the result of me forgetting the rest row in the cable pattern. Instead I just repeated the actual cable stitch over and over again. I didn’t realize I had done this until I started on the armholes. Was I going back on a top down raglan sweater to fix the boo boo? HELL NO!! Besides, I like it anyway.


The Ugly:

  • I don’t have a modeled picture for you. I always like seeing had knits on their intended model but I am just too tired to go through the motions. Let me reassure you that it fits fine and I really like it with a white long sleeve T-shirt underneath. Maybe I will get one in the future and add to the post. Who knows?

Knit Time: March 24 – April 14

7 thoughts on “Finished Object: Wicked Sweater

  1. I live in Queensland and I am knitting this pattern in red (with a bit of cream), too. What are the chances, I wonder? Yours looks wonderful and I can’t wait to see it on. What size did you use – from your previous photos, I think we have a very similar body type and I think my Wicked is going to be too big ( I am making the 40-43). Maybe I am just paranoid. Enough about me.

    Congratulations on a job well done. Hooray!

  2. I’ll be starting the wicked very soon and I’m encouraged by your comments about the pattern and end result. Great work! I can’t wait to start my own.

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