Just Another Manic Monday…

Ok so this is how my Monday started…


Yup, I was sporting my Sunrise Circle Jacket today thinking I was wearing a PAIR, not just ONE brown shoe. My boss noticed this when I was mimicking Cameron Diaz running about a mile, in heels, in the SNOW during a scene in The Holiday which I though was ridiculous. Who knew the joke was on me. This made me laugh all day long today. Just shows the lack of mental, let alone physical motivation that I lacked throughout the day. This was the type of day that put even the bored workers in Office Space to shame. PC LOAD LETTER!!!!

Anyway, you are here for the knitting, so here is a recap of what I did and didn’t do this weekend.

I didn’t….

  • …finish the Apricot Jacket as I should have. With only some weaving in and a hook and eye to install you would have thought I would have this puppy up and worn by now. The weekend was even perfect for some daytime shots. Did I? NOPE!
  • …work on that never ending Chevron Scarf. I really like the scarf but COME ON!!! This is taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!

I did…

  • …start on Wicked with some stash (yes, STASH) yarn.


It is Queensland Llama Seta in a Wicked Red color. My first red sweater and my first top down, knit in the round sweater. Should be interesting


  • …buy some Minkie fabric which is super soft on sale at the Tall Mouse. I will be making some blankets in the near future.

So that is the recap for the weekend. Hope to have something more for ya’ll soon.

One thought on “Just Another Manic Monday…

  1. How lucky that you get to wear comfy sneakers to work! Your story is exactly the reason why I can never buy the same pair of shoes in different colors, no matter how much I love them. My brain is addled on a daily basis. 🙂

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