Finished Object: Center Square Hat


Yarn: Paton’s Merino Yarn
Inspiration: Knitty’s Center Square Hat

Needles: Size 11
Yardage: Partial Skein of Red and Grey
Modifications: Used standard K2TOG decrease for the crown
Enjoyment Factor:7

  • The Good:
    • I knit from my Stash!!
    • The pattern: I did my first Stranded Colorwork Project!
    • Its super fast and easy and showed me a little bit of fair isle, which I need for the Anemoi Gloves
    • The hat turns out really thick and cushy which equals uber warm…me like
  • The Bad:
    • I didn’t like the top of the hat being flat like the pattern so I did a standard decrease at the crown. This was a tip off from my friend J who made this hat already
    • The crown of this hat is pretty snug due to the tightness of my intarsia which also resulted in the 1×1 ribbing being loose and useless. Next time I might add a set of circles to make it a little bigger and use smaller needles for the ribbing.


  • The Ugly:
    • It seems that I messed up the pattern on the top circles of the hat resulting in a grey blob on the edge of the circles. Since this was a practice hat I didn’t feel like going back to fix it (read: design element)
    • I didn’t close the stitches tight enough or something on the top of the hat so when put on the head it leaves little holes at the top in the shape of a star. I liked them but the recipient asked why there were little holes in it. I told him it was for air conditioning on such a warm hat (read: design element)


Knit Time: March 20-21

  • Off and on knitting at night while shooting evil glances at my Apricot Jacket. Approx. 5 hours

2 thoughts on “Finished Object: Center Square Hat

  1. The hat looks great, even with the surprise “design elements”. Congratulations on your color work practice! I have a small phobia about color work, maybe this project would be a good start.

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