WIP Weekend Update – Belated just like by birthday party

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments on the Doctor’s Bag. I haven’t had that many comments since the Sunrise Circle Jacket.  Also, thankyou for the advice on the plastic needlework templates, I will have to keep that in mind for future bags of this sort because this bag done and there is no going back, but I hope this helps the future knitter of this project…hint hint 🙂

So, I missed the actually WW Update for quite a few reason…

  • My best friend came to town for the weekend, where we shopped for fabric and made a drawstring bag – she sewed, I read her the pattern
  • I went to a hockey game on Friday. My first ever! I didn’t know the rules so I paid attention to everything else including the amount of clothing found on the ice during a fight. Now if only two people are fighting, why are there 10 pieces of hockey gear on the ice? Kinda reminded me of a sports event slash strip club…made me laugh every time
  • I had my birthday party on Sunday. My friend threw me a party and nearly everyone I wanted to show up came! Even my brother from Texas! He barbecued me a leg of lamb and brisket for my birthday…it was soo good.

Suffice it to say, I have been a very busy girl. But never too busy to knit so here is my progress on a new project, the Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Yes, I am a follower, but only on the bandwagon of good taste

I bought the yarn at the legendary $5 dollar sale at Banana Berry


started knitting the scarf during my Santa Fe vacation (more blogging on this to come soon)


Currently, I have reached a little past the halfway point and may finish just in time for the 100 degree weather that seems to be settling in.


Oh well, pretty is pretty no matter what the weather conditions


2 thoughts on “WIP Weekend Update – Belated just like by birthday party

  1. Pretty scarf! I think the hockey stripping is to ease the fighting process. They can’t hit one another with their sticks, and the gloves are very big and padded – not good if you want to seriously sock someone in the face, or grab their jersey so they can’t get away from you.

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