A Legacy Ends

Today is a sad and happy day for this SP9 Participant. I am sad because this is the last gift I will receive from my thoughtful SP9 spoiler. She spent extra time personalizing each gift down to the last note. It is not often that you get treated so special by someone who does not even know you. Thank you very much Lynn.


The happy part is that I will finally get to meet my SP9 Spoiler…ummm…officially that is. See, I accidentally stumbled across her blog when I was looking at my referrals list on my blog counter. I always like to know how people stumble across my blog. I don’t do it often, but every once in a while I do. It so happens that I came across her post when she was blogging about these…


They are my spoilers special scissors that she accidentally left in one of the packages she mailed off to me. You have to read the comments because they are so funny. Very Office Space like. Per her request I will be mailing them back but I have to say they made me giggle every time I looked at them

So go on over and meet a very wonderful lady at her blog. Thanks you again for making my SP9 adventure so wonderful.

One thought on “A Legacy Ends

  1. You have been wonderful! I’m so sorry I ruined the surprise, but at least it was only a few weeks ago! I love your blog, and I will remain a faithful reader! Blessings to you, Monique! I”m glad it was a good SP9 experience for you!

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