Book Previews – Knit 2 Together and Knitting Nature

I have had this post waiting in the wings for some time. Bigger and better things came along since this post was written so they were blogged about and this went to the wayside. Well, today I have a lot to talk about but am obsessed with my knitting which I will talk about this weekend on the Weekend WIP Report. So without much more ado, here are some pictures from two books in my knitting collection.

Knit 2 Together – This is a great knitting book. I love so many patterns in this book that when I saw it at my SnB meeting I HAD TO HAVE IT. One pattern in particular is at the top of my list and that is the Herringbone Doctor’s Bag (the red one below). That I am actually knitting right now.

Knitting Nature – This one has some interesting patterns. None are at the top of my list but I love the geometric construction of the patterns.

Denise Schmidt Quilts (no pictures) – These seems to have some fun beginner patterns that should be doable once I take my sewing class starting in two weeks. We shall see.

2 thoughts on “Book Previews – Knit 2 Together and Knitting Nature

  1. OH I love that bag you are knitting. Really neat.

    I have the knitting nature book and as you said it has really neat construction. That’s why I bought it. Although most patterns in it I doubt I’d make. AT least not currently.

  2. Hi! I found you on Craftster and I’ve been stalking you for a while. I myself have succombed recently to a set of knitting books. And for sewing, you’ll see it’s fun. And I saw the Sunrise cardi you did and it looks stunning. And as a way of introducing myself, I’ve tagged you. I hope you can share a few weird things.

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