It’s Better to Receive…hee hee

Ok… so it is January and I still have not finished all my Christmas giving. Grr….I am really starting not to like this holiday again. Between the guilt, the stress, the sweatshop laboring, and the “tit for tat” buying sprees. I just want it to be over.

Then I get gifts as thoughtful as this and remember all the time I put into my own gifts and I know that next year will start the gift giving juices flowing again.

So my wonderful SP, who I can’t respond to because the stupid blogger not giving me the e-mail address, has sent me another mailbox surprise

It’s a Winter Wonderland!!!

I received my wonderful package on Tuesday this week so it was the perfect start to the year

Inside was a plethora of goodies including some crocheted snowflakes, new ornaments for my tree next year, some candy apple body powder, a wonderful homemade card, and a pattern for booties to use with the Lambs Pride snowball she sent me. She even made some pom poms to add the the booties!!

On a funny aside, SP, if you are looking for your scissors I found them in the shipping box. Umm, they are a little dull, so what exactly were you using them for? I figure they were relegated to only paper cutting or something like that. I felt a little like I was looking at modern art – appreciative but not really seeing how it went with the theme. If I am completely missing the point of the wonderful yellow handled scissors, I apologize in advance. I just thought it was very funny when I realized what might have happened :O)

Some other cool gifts I received this year were

Singer 8280 Prelude

A sewing machine of my very OWN!!! My lovely sister bought this for me. I immediately ran out and bought way too much fabric to start the stashing process, then felt guilty, then felt angry, and now plan on making purses in two weekends (too busy this weekend). But it is out and sitting on my kitchen table and welcomes me home everyday with eager anticipation.

My friend Jilly made me this crocheted necklace. It is very pretty and I believe it was loosely based on a pattern in the 2005 Interweave Crochet Magazine.

Little Miss matched Socks

These were also a hit with me. My friend bought me these socks. Can’t really say they are a pair as they purposefully do not match which is the cool part. I think the idea is lost on many, but I loved them. We even went shopping at a hospital gift shop because I wanted to get more and couldn’t find them anywhere while I was up in Nor. Cal.

Because it was so funny, I had to take proof of our insanity

Anyway, I hope the holidays brought you lots of joy and you are now relaxed and ready for the New Year! I hopefully will be by the end of this weekend.

Welcome to 2007 (5 days late)


2 thoughts on “It’s Better to Receive…hee hee

  1. So good to see you at Viento on Wed! Had a great time giggling with you about the brazen AA guy! Did he call yet?

  2. Oh my Word!!! I have been looking for the scissors from my work desk since before Christmas! No lie…I have been accusing everyone of stealing them! I am so glad you finally got your package. I’m sorry it didnt arrive before Christmas, but wow, it took awhile to get there! I cannot believe I left those scissors in the box.

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