FO: London Beanie

Yarn: Berrocco Pure Merino in Husk and Chocolate Brown
Inspiration: London Beanie
Needles: Size 5 for the ribbing, Size 8 for the rest
Yardage: 1 Balls and few yards of the Chocolate Brown
Modifications: Many.

  1. No cable cast on because it was not stretchy enough
  2. I casted on for 81 instead of the 72 and increased to 90 stitches because the initial numbers were WAY too small for an adult male head as this was one of the few knitted xmas gifts of the year.
  3. I decreased further before closing off the top than the pattern specified because there just seemed to be too many stitches left over

Enjoyment Factor: 6

  • The Good: Another instant gratification project. It only took about a day to knit this up and it feels great. Did I tell you how much I LOVE this yarn….well, I do.It is thick and soft and very swishy.
  • The Bad: This pattern is made for a kids head, not an adult head…my apologies to those with small heads. I ripped out once and then made many modifications to this pattern. I would use it as a LOOSE guideline to what you need to do to make a beanie, but definitely not follow it to a “T”.
  • The Ugly:So I wanted to make a jogless color change. Well, the first time I actually picked up the bar of yarn instead of the stitch to make the color change. Here you can see the difference – lower bar=wrong, upper bar= right. I left it because (1) it is a hat, (2)I am not that anal and (3) I consider it one of those imperfections that it is handmade. Nice technique to know for next time though.
  • Knit Time: December 20 (1 day)

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