Nubian Craftster Gets a New Look

I have moved over to Blogger BETA and with that comes its fair share of problems and new cool discoveries. Since I am very HTML deficient I have to rely on the kindness of Blogger hacks to make my site a little more presentable.

I will try and make the random Bloglines updates as minimal as possible, but since I am a newbie to this whole system I can’t guarantee anything.

Knitwise – I hope to have some finished object pictures of the Lizard Skins (a.k.a Mermaid Gloves) taken from my new camera this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Nubian Craftster Gets a New Look

  1. your new layout looks fab.. this one comes with blogger beta or somewhere else? i wanted to switch to beta but i wasn’t sure if my 3 column layout will be supported.. anyway.. nice changes.. 🙂

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