Knitting and Mail…A Match Made in Heaven

I LOVE mail! I have loved mail since I was a kid. Given, I have never liked writing letters but I loved receiving them. ‘Til this day I love coming home to magazines, packages, and have even loved receiving an occasional bill or two! So what have I been doing this weekend? Feeding the knitting monkey on my back.

Yes friends and fellow bloggers, I have combined my love of mail and knitting with:

Online Shopping

This weekend was a wonderful weekend of shopping. I bought lots of new things via Elann and Knitpicks as you can see below:

Picture 1 – Zarone for the Diagonal Cables Sweater from Rebecca 28
Picture 2 – Highland Wool Yarn from Elann in Harvest Heather for the Sunrise Circle Jacket

Picture 3 – Highland Wool Yarn from Elann in Spiced Wine. I love this color
Picture 4 – Knitpicks Wool of the Andes which I was not so excited about

I also bought a set of size 7 Knitpicks Options needles which I am addicted to know and some Elann Peruvian Collection Quechua in Teal which is really pretty too and featured in a new Knitty pattern called Ivy

Secret Pal 9

Now I hesitated with the Secret Pal 9 signup because as I explained in my last post I am a bit of a perfectionist and fear not being a good enough Secret Pal. I see all the cool stuff that others have gotten and hope that mine will be appreciated as much as theirs. So on a whim I signed up and am already looking at other peoples stuff to make sure I get good presents for my pal when it starts in October.

Yarn of the Month

Ok, this was definitely a spur of the moment thing. It was late, I wanted yarn and didn’t want to spend lot of money so I figured this might get the knitting monkey off my back for a while by feeding it tidbits of yarn a month to play with. It was better than the Elann subscription because it was yarn I liked, which sometimes Elann’s yarn is quite weird, and also a monthly thing so I can unsubscribe when I want. Can’t wait to get the first package.

Knitting News

I signed up for the Sunrise Circle Jacket KAL and was one of the last members to be added as they closed the KAL right after they sent me the invitation to join. Guess I better get cracking on this jacket so that I at least post once or twice.

Since I got my yarn from Elann I can start on the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I also must block the front pieces of the Green Mimosa before bed. But first…must check out the new Fall 06 Knitty magazine that came out

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