First Sweater Jitters

I guess I should say first “not a scarf, hat or shawl” jitters as it doesn’t necessarily count as a sweater since it has no sleeves. Is it a vest, or tank, or…I don’t know. It is my first big project that I am focusing energy on.

So I blocked the back to the green mimosa and she looks kinda big. Not enormously so, maybe only 1-2 inches bigger than my fitted shirts,but it is kinda scaring me as this is also one of the first times I have had to block anything to an actual critical dimension. (By the way, I work in manufacturing as a project manager so this critical dimension thing is all to familiar as something that can make or break a project).

It is also longer than expected. Yes, I know, I should have looked at the dimensions a little better to see if it needed to be shortened, but as my first large project I decided I would not tempt fate with my non-existant tailoring skills

I also thought I would show you the booty that will be added to my Stash from the weekend. This was all my discount yarn from Tall Mouse. Tomorrow I will have to fight yet another tempation as our Stitch and Bitch meetup with be at Banana Berry, a local LYS, and they are having a sale. Geesh, this could be bbbaaadddd. Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “First Sweater Jitters

  1. If it helps, depending on the fit of the sweater, one or two inches bigger is actually good because knits need more “ease” all around than typical shirts do. It took me a long time (read: money spent on sweaters I can’t wear) to realize this.

  2. Gorgeous colour! Re: size. Is it a vest (i.e will u be wearing it over a shirt) or a tank? The waist shaping leans toward a ‘fitted’ style so 1″ larger than your shirts is perfect. 2″? Hmmm… is that 2″ PER SIDE or 2″ overall?

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