Check Out my Future Projects…Flickr Mosaics Rock!!

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Future Projects, originally uploaded by MoPix.

1. brown cami, 2. Wisteria Sweater – knititude, 3. roses and leaves, 4. pink ruffle scarf, 5. deep V Argyle Vest, 6. Rhapsody in Tweed, 7. Pullover flair, 8. Juliet Pullover, 9. Floral Felted Bag, 10. Tubey, 11. sunrise circle jacket, 12. shimmer shrug, 13. mermaid gloves, 14. lace leaf scarf, 15. klaralund, 16. kimono styled sweater, 17. grey4sm, 18. danica scarf, 19. branching out scarf, 20. basketweave dress, 21. amelia earhart aviator hat, 22. Pullover-Vogue-Knitting, 23. Peacock Shawl, 24. KnittedBodice, 25. ITW-SM05 – Leaf sweater, 26. Indian Summer Jacket, 27. Diagonal Ribs and Cable, 28. Cables Toad, 29. Flame Stitch Cardigan, 30. Embellished Sweater, 31. Cabled bag, 32. 30739110, 33. Buttony neckwarmer, 34. union square pullover, 35. Round Neck Lace Pullover, 36. pink mimosa

I am loving the flickr mosaic maker! Here is a collage of quite a few of my planned future projects. One is already in the works and that is the pink mimosa (picture 36). Photo mosaics….ahhhhhh


One thought on “Check Out my Future Projects…Flickr Mosaics Rock!!

  1. Hi there!

    By some coincidence and a little curiosity I found your blog. 🙂

    Hope you don’t mind; I really enjoy reading it!

    Your future knit selection is truly awesome and I have no doubt that you will actually knit them.

    #5, #6, #11, #13, #21, #27 & #33 are my favourites of the bunch.


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