Nubian Craftster gets a facelift

No…not me…my blog. I was inspired by so many nice looking blog sites that I decided to make some updates to my own. They are not all that obvious and you might not ever pick them out, but making these tiny little changes has given me blogging peace of mind that my site is not the worst looking in town.

The bad part was that this took me hours due to my non-existant knowledge of HTML. I figured it out through trial and error so after hours of looking for fonts, adding borders to pictures, centering text, locating HTML colors, and finally getting my comments to show up, I am pooped!! The worst part is that I was keeping me from quality time with my Shedir hat which I casted on yesterday.

This pattern is proving to be harder than I thought. Mainly due to the size of the chart which I need to enlarge at work tomorrow. The yarn is also making it a little hard to see the stitches being that it is so small and tweedy.

By the way, I am falling in love with tweed. Especially because of the wonderful FO from brooklyntweed. Gosh I wish I could knit like that.

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