Damn Internet!!

OK…if this doesn’t work then I give up.

This is the third time I am writing this post. The first time it was gone because I was checking pictures, second time was because I tried to use spell check, so here is the bulleted version of what I was going to say

1. Lady E. complete. Will post pictures when it is not 100+ degrees outside. It is steadily 80+ in the house with the air conditioning on, so you can see my hesitation in modeling Lady E.

2. Casted on for Lelah Top, Odessa Hat, and Perdita Wristlets. Yes, I have become a polygaknitter. See links to the right if you want pictures

3. Knitting with beads is not that hard but understanding the instructions so that you don’t have to frog it 3 time is.

4.Here are some pictures of me out with some friends drinking tea in 100+ degree weather a few weekends ago.
Damn English tea is expensive!! Didn’t know a lunchable size meal could cost 27 dollars and I didn’t even get a Juicy Juice!!!

Did you also notice the Red Hat Lady Tea cozy? Either someone is telling me I am headed to a life of excentric spinsterhood or that I am destine to be a weird cat lady who gets eaten by cats (single female, with two cats, knits, and goes to tea…you do the math).

Ok…if you see this post that means this has actually worked out for me. Third time is a charm!


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