KO DayThree and Four: Knitting Hokie Pokie

Total Hours Knitting: 6 hours
Rows Completed: -6 (I knit 6 and ripped them out)

So the past two days I have been playing the knitting hokie pokie with my Olympics project.

You knit four rows in…
You frog four rows out…
You knit two rows in…
Then you purl it all around…
You drop a stitch a few row
and you cry and then you shout
That’s what it’s all about!

So I knit 6 rows of the Chart 1A and came up with 54 stitches on one side and 58 stitches on the other. This was bad since they are supposed to be the same, but even worse because I was supposed to have 59 stiches on both sides. ARRRRRRRRRGH!!! But if you want to check where I am in the pattern see KO DAY TWO

So basically I have lost a day of knitting AND I have quite a bit to do in my non-knitting life so I am falling behind more and more. Must remember….this is just for fun….


One thought on “KO DayThree and Four: Knitting Hokie Pokie

  1. Relax! Breathe! Unlike the actual Olympics, this is not a race! The yarn you are using is BEAUTIFUL and your knitting is looking wonderful so far — enjoy and have fun, “cause that’s what it’s all about!” =)

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