KO Day Two: Still not enough knitting

Total hours knitting: 5
Rows completed: 23 rows (Finished chart One)

So I was exhausted this morning as I stayed up until 3am on Friday and work up at 8am this morning for a haircut appointment. It was good though because it got me started with my errands and chores. Cleaning house, grocery shopping….but sadly no knitting. It kept looking at me, taunting me, but I had to have clean clothes and a clean house to feel good about the knitting that was to come.

I also did some volunteer work at a transitional home for homeless people and their kids. My friend started a volunteer group where we do crafts with them, mainly knitting. I arrived a little late but it was fun once we got the hang of it. It was only an hour, but it was great. Everyone was excited and wondering when we will return. I did other knitting but still no peacock knitting.

I finally started back on the shawl around 7pm. I got the bright idea to color code my pattern which has helped immensely with following the various slash sections of the pattern. It was another late night though so I have to sleep in tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “KO Day Two: Still not enough knitting

  1. Ok, so I started on Friday, had some issues figuring out the beginning and then knat away. Figured out I was off in the stitch count and couldn’t figure it out. Also didn’t like the loose lace look. Ripped the whole sucker out yesterday AM. Restarted on smaller needles, knat for like 4 hours and I finished the 1st chart. I am on the 3rd row of chart 2 and my stitch count is off. WTF? This is definitely going to be challenging…

  2. Wow, the color’s beautiful! Definitely put in stitch markers once you get to Chart 2 — moving them around to accomodate decreases is a pain, but the chart tells you where to put them.

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