KO Day One: The Olympic Beginnings, Peacock is calling

Total hours knitting: 4
Rows completed: 28 (if you count the frogging 45)

I symbolically casted on 2 stitches exactly at 2pm. I then, with pattern in hand took a lap around my workplace first floor showing my knitting coworkers my finally KO project. During the processional, I was told my my fellow knitter that they too were joining for the good of the country. One is doing a baby sweather top down. She is an excellent knitter but has limited time to participate. The other is conquering her own challenge with a drop stitch scarf.

Then life got in the way. Normally, I am an unengaged homebody with oodles and oodles of time to knit. Then life snuck up on me.

I didn’t leave early as I thought I would, I then went to Salsa class which was very fun and didn’t get home until 10pm. 8 hours of knitting lost to a wonderful night out.

I then began knitting, making excellent progress when (1) my kitty tripped on my yarn, snapping it it two pieces, which meant mending it back and (2)I wasn’t using lifelines at the time and on row 17 I had to frog back due to a mistake. Needless to say, leason learned and lifeline inserted.


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