The countdown is here…1 Day, 6hrs and counting

I don’t think I could be as nervous or in as much anticipation if I was a real US Olympian. I feel as though I am on the starter blocks of the 400yrd race – Not quite as fast as the 100yrd but still goes by pretty quick.

My pattern is staring at me daring me to start…just daring me. I keep debating on whether to take half the day off tomorrow. I just got my pattern and yarn a few days ago as I decided to change my mind again and go back to my original idea of the Peacock Feathers Shawl. I was all ready to do the sweater when I saw that I had actually signed up with Yarn Harlot to do the Shawl. Once I saw that I was committed, no turning back.

The pattern is a little daunting as I have never had to read a chart before, let alone backwards. I will be using lots of lifelines and calling on the goodness of (1) my local knitting shop – Alamitos Bay Yarn Co. and (2) my local SNB Long Beach for both advice and moral support.

I also found some kindred spirits as we are not only on the same team (Team Lace USA) but running the same race (Peacock Feathers Shawl)
Allison – Peacock Feathers Shawl
Felicia at sweetgeorgia – Peacock feathers shawl
Jeanne – Peacock feathers shawl
Lisa A. – Peacock feathers shawl

In order to finish this, I will have to knit 17 rows a day. This might not sound hard but in the end the shawl is 88″ in with and has 240+ rows which means those last few days are going to be a bitch to knit my quota. I can do this….I can do this….just breathe!!

3 thoughts on “The countdown is here…1 Day, 6hrs and counting

  1. Damn, you’ve figured out how many rows a day??? I need to do that, quick-like. I am scared. Maybe I will freak out more if I know the “per day” requirement to finish on time. Good luck. Maybe we’ll have to have a Knitting Olympics get together/pity party.

  2. And when you say you are reading a chart backwards, why? Are you a lefty knitter too? I am contimplating knitting this sucker lefthanded, in the throw fashion instead of reading the chart backwards.

  3. Go Team Peacock Feathers! The first thirteen rows go by really quickly, as you probably know, so it’s totally possible to get a solid headstart on the first day! What color are you making yours in?

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