Damage Done, Yarn Sale Purchases

So I woke up like it was Christmas. 6:30 am my eyes opened and I jumped out of bed in anticipation of my great buys. In the shower and out of the door to arrive in Laguna Hills by 7 am. Too early to start…but I was scoping the area. After eating a quick breakfast I joined the other ladies to rummage through mounds and mounds and mounds of yarn. I was in yarn HEAVEN!! So at 9 am after looking and relooking, I starting adding up my new acquisitions….$500!!!!!!!!

After resuscitating myself from the hard attack, it took me another 2.5 hours to widdle down my bag to under $300. Exact purchase total was forgotten through the trauma of giving the salesperson my credit card. The only consolation I got was that the woman before bought $800 worth of yarn and the salesperson said one woman broke $1000!!!!! So I was feeling pretty good with my relatively small investment. See my posts below for details on the damage.


One thought on “Damage Done, Yarn Sale Purchases

  1. Ooooohhhh my….what a stash…even the kitties are overwhelmed!

    Nice choice! Can’t wait to see the finished products ;0)

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